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Odds and Ends..
« on: July 22, 2015, 01:27:35 PM »
I've got a few projects still left after liquidating some... and I am looking for a few things. Anyone have a 5L (1.32 gallon) Jerry Can? They are a bit tough to find but would like one to go on the beemer for extra fuel after coasting 15.9 miles from the top of the Mesa to Cedaredge... Also looking for a leather tank bag, leather tool bag for the rear behind seat, and possibly a leather bag to on the opposite side of the L gas can.
Also working on the Super 90 again.. Anyone have a Delorto AU19S Carb?  How about a small(ish), read narrow, dustbin fairing hanging in the rafters? how about 18 or 19 inch wheels that might fit it? I have the original wheels but want aluminum rims and possibly a disk brake up front... I think many of the small XR's and XL's had the same size axle and rim size..

Anyway... if you think you might have any of this stuff and you want some of my stuff.. call me.. message me.. whatever..