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« on: December 23, 2010, 03:30:51 PM »
Yup, we are going to have some guidlines for posting here. Most of all, we want this to be a fun and enjoyable place to hang out, and there are only a couple of absolute "dont's". Keep in mind that if these are broken, there is  zero tolerance, and you will be removed from this forum.

#1-No drama! If things start to get out of hand with name calling, disrespect to other forum members, or general instigating of conflict...bye bye

#2-No porn, not even a "NSFW" tag to your post. We want to be able to look at this site from work, the living room at home, at Grandma's house, etc, so keep it clean or else...bye bye

#3-No political or religious conversation. Keep it amoungst yourselves in person, these topics 100% of the time lead to DRAMA!

Thats is pretty much it, not so bad huh? Like mentioned, have fun with this!  8)

Oh yeah, one more thing. There are people/companies that sign up on forums with the sole purpose of advertising (spam), these will be deleted. If you have a fishy sounding username, particularly one with numbers, and a website, you'll probably get deleted. If for some reason you turn out to be legit, contact me, or sign back on with a more reasonable username.
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