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About us....
« on: May 08, 2011, 10:34:36 PM »
Hi, welcome to the coolest site for vintage motorcycles in Western Colorado! Ok, maybe we are the only site in Western Co, but still a very cool place to hang out.

In 2006 I turned 40 years old and I got back into motorcycles when I bought a 74' Yamaha RD 250 from a buddy of mine. Call it the start of a mid life crisis, or maybe it was the start of a bad bad addiction/obsession of motorcycles that had been missing out of my life for far too long. Whatever you want to call it, it started. I fiddled around with that little RD and got it running, and proceeded to have an absolute blast with it. And then.....

I am the type of guy that cant leave simple alone, and got to thinking that there must be others in the area that have old motorcycles too, so up went the fliers and an add in the local paper. After a few replies to my adds, I set up a meeting and had a small handful of guys show up. One of my biggest objectives was to keep the whole "club" aspect out of it, and just concentrate on bringing folks together that enjoyed old motorcycles as much as I do. No dues, no drama, no club politics. Another objective was to keep this a family friendly group, where even the kids are welcome. Simple enough right? Well, if you know me.....

Then I said to myself: "Self, lets put together a vintage motorcycle show", and the work began. Meanwhile, a few more guys joined in for a regular Saturday coffee gathering, and we had a group! The idea of a show really took off, and after over a year and a half of planning, we had our first Vintage Motorcycle Show in 2009 at Gateway Canyons Resort in Gateway, Colorado. We had about 60 motorcycles on display that year, and it was a great success for our first time. Many years later, the humble little vintage motorcycle show has turned into something really special, and draws enthusiasts annually from all over Colorado and surrounding states.

Oh yeah, what do we consider vintage? At least 25 years old, and any brand/make of motorcycle is welcome. If you enjoy old motorcycles, please join us at one of our gatherings, we would love to meet you!

Rick Barnes


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